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      “Best fence company around! Service is priced reasonable and done professional. .definitely suggest them to anyone looking to upgrade or just fence in a yard or any type of business. ..I have been using their services for 15+years…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “ – Kathy Gilmet

      Chain Link Fencing

      Known for its strength and durability, chain-link fencing is perhaps the most economical type of fencing available. Hastie Fence has a wide range of weights and coatings making it easy to enhance your landscape with a fence that blends naturally with trees, shrubs, and bushes. You’ll get security with a clean appearance.

      Simplicity and Security

      Whatever your property type, it makes sense to secure it the best way you can. Chain link fencing offers an economical & maintenance free way to accomplish this goal.  Also available are vinyl slats that are inserted into the body of the fence, providing additional privacy. Without the vinyl privacy slats, a chain link fence is a wonderful way to achieve a fenced yard and yet still keep an open airy feeling around your property. Strong, durable and an excellent barrier to entry, chain link serves its purpose well – which helps explain why it is used so extensively in both residential and commercial applications.

      The Best Chain Link Fencing Products

      Hastie Fence Co. is your resource for the best in chain link fencing products, including:

      • Residential Color Chain Link Fence
      • Residential Galvanized Chain Link Fence

      Coated chain link includes color options that will make your property look exactly as you want, and softens the feel of the fencing. It is perfect for play areas, pet enclosures and for enclosing swimming pool areas.

      Galvanized chain link fence is the classic option. Designed to withstand the elements for decades, galvanized fencing will define your property line for a lifetime.

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      Residential Color Chain-Link
      hastie fence chain link
      Residential Galvanized Chain-Link