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      Choosing a Residential Fence

      “Just had Jay, Al and Rick put up a fence on our property line. I wish we did this years ago. It looks great. Really nice guys who did a GREAT job. Thanks!” – Roxanne

      The decision to add a fence around your property can give you instant privacy and a feeling of security for you and your children. A beautifully crafted fence will add character and value to your home. When making a decision to invest in a fence there are important factors to consider.

      What purpose will the fence serve?

      Usually, there will be a specific reason to install a new fence:

      • Privacy Fencing: Privacy can be an important part of comfort and lifestyle. Choosing the right privacy fence can give you either a partial or complete shield to the outside world.
      • Safety and Security Fencing:  Keeping children safe and pets confined offers great piece of mind while they play in the yard. This type of fencing helps protect your children, to some extent, from strangers.
      • Property Values and Appearance: A well designed and constructed fence can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. A properly installed fence can dramatically change your homes appearance and outdoors functionality

      What Kind Of a Fence Do You Like?

      The choices of materials used to construct fencing and a large number of fence styles make it easier to personalize the look and feel of your fencing.  You should look around your neighborhood when considering the style fence you want. Your personal preference should consider your homes architectural style and landscaping. A landscape design or fencing consultant can help you make the right decision.

      What is Your Budget?

      When considering a fence it’s important to understand quality. The cheapest fence is not always the best fence. It’s always helpful to have a fencing professional explain the economics involved when making a decision. You should factor weather, maintenance and installation costs when choosing the right fence.

      Basic Choices in Fence Materials

      No matter what your tastes are, your reasons for installing a fence or the style you would like, there are three basic materials used to build fences—wood, metal, and PVC or vinyl. Each has different advantages, comes in a wide variety of styles and provides a distinctive look.

      Fencing You Can Depend On

      We understand how important it is to have a fence you can depend on to function, season after season and year after year. Here at Hastie Fence Co., you will find exactly what you are looking for. Our fencing options include:

      Contact a New England Fencing Specialist

      At Hastie Fence we have made a commitment to top quality products and exceptional customer service for over 40 years. We offer complete customer experience from your initial consultation to custom fabrication and timely installation. We make your decision easy; we’ll cover every detail from dimensions to aesthetics with your free design consultation. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. You can contact us today at one of our 2 locations.