4 Tips to Maintain Your Vinyl Fence

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Vinyl fences are tough and built to last, even without much work from you. Pests, extreme weather and excessive moisture will cause little harm to your fence. However, your fence isn’t immune to dirt and unsightly marks; fortunately, a little care and maintenance can ensure that your fence continues to look good for years.
Regular Cleaning

Dirt and debris from vegetation can build up on your fence over time. A thorough cleaning every year should help it look brand new again. You can employ a number of different methods of cleaning to figure out which works best for your fence. Using a power washer or your garden hose may help take off some of the dirt. Stains from mildew and vegetation will probably require a finer touch; vinegar and water are usually sufficient for dealing with stubborn stains. Some marks and stains may require specialized care to remove. Black marks from rubber, for example, can often be removed with a pencil eraser.
Trim Back Vegetation

Unchecked vegetation growth along your fencing can leave unsightly stains that might be difficult to remove. During the warmer months, get in the habit of regularly trimming back plants growing near your fence. Carefully planning where to grow your plants can help you avoid spending most of your weekends trimming your vegetation; leaving a buffer space between plants and the fence can help cut down on maintenance needs.
Keep Activities Away

A few dings from a basketball probably won’t cause too much harm to your fence, but an errant metal baseball bat could cause some damage. Try to keep rambunctious activity away from your fence by encouraging your children to play elsewhere in the yard. When you’re doing yard maintenance, including edging, take care when you’re working around your fence to avoid causing damage.
Don’t Forget the Gate

Proper care of your fence’s gate can help the components last. Always close the gate when you’re done going in or out; don’t let it get blown around by the wind. Check the screws regularly, tightening them when necessary. Regular oiling can also ensure that the gate continues to work properly.

A vinyl fence will protect your yard for decades, even in the face of extreme weather. Good maintenance practices can help your fence last even longer. If you’re in the market for a fence replacement, contact Hastie Fence today. With 3 locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, we offer a range of fencing styles to match your home.