Five Ways to Add Style to a Chain Link Fence

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Strong, durable chain link offers many advantages as a fencing material. This product looks attractive surrounding homes and exercise areas in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Yet sometimes, for a variety of reasons, homeowners prefer to cover up or alter the appearance of a chain link perimeter. If you’d prefer to change some design elements of a residential fence of this type, consider using one (or more) of these quick makeovers:

  1. Paint Your Fence

Today most manufacturers supply chain link fencing in a uniform nickelish-silver color. The strong wire mesh typically resembles chain link fence posts in color. If you’d like to refurbish your fence quickly and easily, purchasing metallic paints and coating the exterior in your favorite color offers a fast fencing “facelift”.

You might consider refurbishing a silver fence in bold black or white colors, for example. Today homeowners can also access attractive silver and gold colors. Painting chain link sometimes significantly modifies the initial impression a yard makes on visitors.

If you do decide to paint you chain link fence, it usually proves helpful to apply a primer coating first and a clear all-weather epoxy sealant afterward. Taking these precautions ensures the metal retains the paint for a longer period of time. To avoid waste, consider using a conventional paintbrush rather than a spray gun during paint application.

  1. Use Your Fence as a Trellis

One popular use for chain link fencing appeals to people with a gardening “green thumb”. You might consider utilizing your chain link fence as a convenient trellis for climbing flowering plants. While not recommended for use on masonry walls or wood surfaces, growing vines don’t usually cause as much damage to metal surfaces (although these locations will, of course, eventually begin rusting if you utilize them as trellises).

What types of plants can you train to climb along a chain link fence? Virtually any vine you grow in this part of Connecticut or Massachusetts will work well as a fencing plant. Popular favorites include Climbing Tea Roses, Morning Glory, and Trumpet Honeysuckle. You might also try planting grape vines along the fence; they will typically require at least two vines to begin producing a grape crop in late summer or early autumn. Home market gardeners sometimes plant tomato and cucumber crops this way, too.

Growing flowering vines or grapes along your chain link fence offers a great way to optimize limited garden space. Since most climbing vines sprawl when planted in outdoor plots, they tend to invade locations allotted to other vegetables or flowers without a decent trellis. If you decide to use your chain link fence as a trellis and the fence includes a gate, for practical reasons you’ll want to prevent vines from obstructing this feature.

  1. Showcase Pretty Blossoms And Blooms

Another way to modify the appearance of a chain link fence in a beautiful way involves planting a perimeter garden all the way along the inside of the fence (except for gates, and paths, of course). This type of showcase display takes full advantage of the visibility supplied by the chain link mesh.

Selecting the interior perimeter of the fence as a garden location enables homeowners who enjoy gardening to create some spectacular landscaping features. You’ll probably want to avoid planting trees in these locations since their deep roots might eventually interfere with the fence. However, most varieties of popular garden plants, shrubs, and even small hedges work well in these sites.

Installing a perimeter garden typically requires the use of a cultivator to break up the soil and prepare the ground for flowers. If you enjoy low maintenance gardening, select perennials as the primary plants for a perimeter garden; alternatively, if you enjoy planting every year, annuals work well, also. A brilliant floral display of Tulips, Irises, Daffodils, Lilies, Marigolds, or Roses helps lend eye-catching appeal to most yards. The fragrance of these blooms during warmer months of the year will linger in the yard.

  1. Use Masonry Features And Lights Creatively

Yet another way to radically modify the appearance of a chain link fence makes a particularly striking impression in conjunction with brick or masonry homes. You might consider surrounding the exterior of each metal fence post with a masonry addition. This cosmetic change won’t obscure the entire post, of course. The brickwork only adheres to the exterior and/or interior surfaces of each post in order to prevent interference with the chain link mesh.

Yet making this stylistic change enhances the aura of stability and permanency when someone sees the fence for the first time. If your chain link fence ends near a driveway, adding masonry features around the final fence post helps supply a decorative quality to the fence. A skilled mason can create attractive accents to help showcase a front lawn very effectively, for example.

Today, homeowners enjoy the option of designing the masonry addition to provide a location for in-ground solar-powered LED lighting. Using this option enables the fence posts to really stand out at night! The extra illumination offers a fashionable way to showcase the perimeter of a property more effectively at night.

  1. Add a Privacy Fence to Reduce Noise

Some households require the strength of a sturdy chain link fence to retain pets inside the yard. Yet the visibility supplied by the mesh portion of the fencing may create inconvenience. For example, if a beloved household dog insists on barking at passing vehicles or pedestrians through the fence, how can a property owner correct this type of common problem rapidly?

One quick solution involves erecting a solid vinyl or wood privacy fence along the perimeter of the home’s chain link fence. You’ll still enjoy the strength of durable chain link fencing to contain your animals, but the added fence covering will obscure visibility and filter out some street noise. From the exterior of the property, passers-by won’t even notice the chain link fence!

This solution essentially combines the beauty of a privacy fence with the strong containment capabilities of chain link fencing. It frequently helps prevent dogs from becoming agitated by passing traffic and barking. Privacy fencing helps create serene, quieter backyard relaxation spots. Homeowners sometimes embrace this solution as a way to increase the privacy of a back yard.

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