Time to Repair or Replace Your Fence: How Can You Tell?

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Having a fence around your property provides security to your home and a safe place for kids and animals to have fun. However, your fence will need to be maintained, just like any part of your home. Depending on the kind of fence, its age, and its condition, you may need repair or a fence replacement. Hastie Fence can accommodate your needs and make sure your fence continues to provide the benefits you value. You should find out the cost of repair of different parts of the fence, in addition to researching the cost of replacing the entire fence, because repair costs can add up quickly. Obtaining this information will allow you to make an educated decision.

Different Kinds of Fences

  • Vinyl – This kind of fence is very popular because of its ability to provide privacy and its maintenance-free durability. Vinyl fencing will withstand the elements for many years. It never fades and will let you and your neighbors enjoy its aesthetic appeal.
    • Wood – Wood fencing comes in various styles and provides privacy to you. However, even though we use quality wood, these fences will still need to be maintained. Wood fences that are painted will periodically need to be repainted. Additionally, you need to make sure you are keeping an eye out for any wood rot the fencing might experience. If you choose a wood fence, you will need to determine whether you have the good side (without the posts showing) or the bad side (the one with all the posts showing).
    • Chain link – These are tried and true fences. However, they do need some maintaining. If they are not coated properly, they can rust and need to be recoated or repainted. Your neighbors will enjoy the addition of the fence, even though it can be coated to blend into your landscaping. It provides a barrier to contain dogs and children. This way everyone can remain safe and secure.
    • Ornamental aluminum – This fencing will give your property a beautiful, distinctive look. It is like wrought iron fencing but requires much less maintenance. You will never have to repaint it. It is durable and can withstand years of abuse from the weather.Kinds of Repair
    • Posts – Depending on which kind of fence you get, you may have different problems with posts. Posts can become loose and need to be secured again. Or, they can be damaged by lawn equipment or a vehicle and need to be replaced. Leaving posts in disrepair can affect the rest of the fence and potentially cause damage to other parts of the fence, thus causing more money for
    • Damaged boards – Individual boards in a wood or vinyl can get damaged. They can become faded by the sun or damaged by people climbing on them. Wood boards can suffer from wood rot or breakdown. But, when you start experiencing multiple boards suffering from damage, it might be more cost effective to replace the entire fence.
    • Damaged gates – Gates can suffer damage for various reasons. The damage could be the result of the ground shifting and the gate posts being moved. Or, it could be the result of people hanging on or climbing over the gate. This puts undue stress on the mechanism and damages the structure. Sometimes the gate can start to drag where it connects to the opening mechanism. When this happens, the gate may need maintenance, so it does not hit the ground. This is important because it can cause damage to the actual gate.
    • Holes – Animals and lawn equipment can cause holes and cracks in any fence. There are many reasons that holes can happen. If the fence is wooden, it might become victim to various animals. Additionally, fences can be damaged by lawnmowers, weed whackers, other lawn equipment, toys, and people climbing on them.When to Replace
    After you have evaluated your fence and the problems you have, you need to decide whether the cost of repair exceeds the cost of a replacement. Other factors to take into consideration include the kind of fence you have. If you have a chain link fence but want more privacy, you might want to get a vinyl fence, even if the fence is still in pretty good condition. You may want a different aesthetic look to your yard and home, so that is another reason you might opt for a replacement. We have various styles of fences available. But, whatever you decide, Hastie Fence can help you achieve your vision.Additionally, if you decide to replace the whole fence, you can address other projects or issues that you have. For instance, if you choose to go with a vinyl fence where there was once a chain link fence, you might decide to put a seating area up against the fence. Furthermore, if you have a dog, you can help give your neighbors relief from always seeing the dog, if you choose a wood or vinyl fence. This is especially helpful if you have a loud or large dog because they can be intimidating.

    So, in order to keep your fence maintained and working the way it should, you may need repair or a fence replacement. Hastie Fence can help you weigh all your options and decide what kind of service you need. We can handle anything you need to be done. So, give us a call at one of our locations to get a free estimate today!