Does Your Dog Keep Getting Out? Try a Redundant Fence

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A redundant fence can foil even the most accomplished escape artist.

If you have a dog, you’ve got to have a fence. Dogs running loose are at risk of getting hurt, and marauding canines can do a lot of damage to your neighbor’s prize perennials. However, even if you have a well-built fence, your dog may still manage to find a way out, whether through the gate that your kids forgot to latch or by digging underneath. A redundant fence can be an effective way to keep your furry Houdini safe at home.

What’s a Redundant Fence?

A redundant fence puts an extra layer of protection between your existing fence and your wayward canine. It can effectively block the holes on one side of your yard where your neighbor’s decaying fencing leaves dog-sized gaps, or it can line the complete perimeter of your yard. A redundant fence effectively shields your pet from the aggressive dogs next door and the neighbor’s teasing children.

Any material, from plastic snow fencing to an attractive cedar surround, may work for redundant fencing. It just depends on your personal aesthetic, the nature of your dog problem and your budgetary constraints. For example, if the view through the existing chain-link fence is just too tempting for your pet, you probably need a solid redundant fence.

You may wonder why adding a fence is a better choice than replacing the fence already in place. In some cases, your hands are tied because the fence is on the neighbor’s property. In others, putting in a partial redundant fence is a better fit for your budget and your time frame.

Why Do Dogs Want Out?

Some dogs are perfectly content within their own backyards, but others become flight risks. Some of the reasons for this, according to the Humane Society, could be:

  • Boredom
  • Loneliness/isolation
  • A barren environment
  • Overabundance of energy
  • Fear
  • Outside stimulation such as kids or other dogs
  • Search for a mate

Can You Train Your Pet to Stay Close to Home?

Pet owners use various strategies to keep their dogs close to home with varying degrees of success. One of the following may help:

  • Taking your dog on a daily walk to expend some energy
  • Playing with your pet in the yard regularly
  • Working on obedience during daily outdoor sessions
  • Providing toys for outdoor use
  • Keeping an eye on your pet when it is in the yard
  • Using a doggie daycare when you are at work

Your Massachusetts Fence Provider

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