Can you change the look of your vinyl fence by painting it?

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Could a Fresh Coat of Color Redefine Your Vinyl Fence?

Some homeowners prefer vinyl fencing to metal or organic materials, such as wood. Unfortunately, they don’t all like the color.

Can you solve the problem with a simple coat of paint? For many people, it’s a definite possibility. A better question is whether you should. Here’s how to know if painting your vinyl fence might be a wise idea.

Fence Painting Basics

How will you start? Some people stick to classic tools, like cans of vinyl house siding paint and small rollers. It’s fairly simple. Also, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, alternatives like spray coatings emit pollution.

Can you tackle the challenge? With extras like a drop-cloth and diligence, it’s possible to do a first-rate job. Throw in some consistent, moderate weather, grab you painter’s tape, and you’re off to the races.

Making Good Pigment Choices

Certain vinyl siding paint also adheres to vinyl fences, but who has the time? Not most people. If you don’t mind your kids being creative, then you might solve the problem by rewarding their hard work. Give them the following four-step summer homework assignment:

  1. Ask them to submit a first draft of how they’d paint a small panel of the fence using three colors of your choosing. When you receive the draft, ask them if they feel like they made any mistakes. Make them do a second draft.
  2. Have them practice the design using washable playground chalk and yardsticks on the inside of the fence’s panels. Do it a few times or until it’s consistent.
  3. Have them correct their mistakes, and buy three colors of fence paint. Make sure the cans say they stick to vinyl. Then, let them go to town with small brushes, coloring in the lines.
  4. Supervise them and chill.

Pro Tip:
Not just any old pigment will do. For instance, oil-based paints rarely stick to synthetic materials. If you decide to recolor the fence yourself instead of making your kid do it, then you’ll probably want to avoid certain resins. Some stains work by soaking into the object being painted, so they aren’t likely to have much luck with nonporous vinyl.

Is It Worth It?

In our experience, one of the foremost reasons people paint their own fences is to refresh the way their properties look. This can seem like a fair gain considering the value of curb appeal. On the other hand, painting a fence properly so that it looks flawless can be quite a task.

It’s easy to get the color on. It’s harder to do an even job.

You should pick an uninterrupted stretch of time where you can complete an entire coat at once. This is critical to uniform drying results that don’t peel, flake or get carried away in Springfield’s next tornado.

There are other ways to beautify fences.

Hanging fence-mounted planters from the posts is a great way to boost your gardening game: Pick local ornamentals that grow native to the area, and you’ll attract lots of excellent pollinators.

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