How High Should Your Chain Link Fence Be? 3 Things to Consider

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Adding or updating a chain link fence might be the easiest way to secure your home from unwelcome visitors, while giving your family safe space outside. The only problem is that there’s no universal guide to what makes a great fence or even how to get started designing something that will suit your needs.

Your new fence’s height is critical to its ability to keep your family and property secure. Think about these three things when conceptualizing a new fence or updating your current one for your home and lifestyle:

Keeping Kids and Pets In

Animals and children love running, jumping and climbing, regardless how much you’d prefer them to stay where you can keep an eye on them. Your barrier needs to accommodate these realities. For instance, very large breed dogs might be able to jump a 4-foot fence. Small children may have no problem climbing over a 4-foot fence but raising the fence line up to 6 feet high may keep them in.

For family members that need room to play outside, 6-foot chain link fencing might be a wise investment. Be sure to check your local building codes and homeowners’ association guidelines first.

Keeping the Outside World Out

8-foot fences pose more of a challenge to would-be criminals and trespassers. Because they’re harder to get over, they may deter intruders.

When building a fence for security reasons, you should always think about nearby objects and vegetation. For instance, an 8-foot fence is less of a challenge to get over if it’s right next to a stack of crates, work bench, or other flat, elevated surface.

While chain link fences can help keep pets in, a wood fence may be a better choice if you live near a school. In Massachusetts, the law states that people can be held responsible for any injuries that their pets cause to others. If a student passes a hand through the fence to pet your dog and your dog nips or bites, you could be liable. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, choosing an appropriately sized barrier that stops passing children from reaching over to pet your seemingly friendly dog is probably a wise idea.

Complementing Your Location

Curb appeal is one of the most important considerations for choosing a chain link fence height. Depending on what’s near your property, you may want to go with a 3-foot chain link fence to secure your front yard in a way that doesn’t create a visually imposing barrier.

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