Good Fences Make Good Fences

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Establishing Boundaries with Exterior Style

They say good fences make good neighbors, but demarking a boundary is not the only function a fence can serve. Different styles and materials of fencing offer privacy, add security, and enhance your home’s good looks. Whatever material you choose for framing your property, remember that the best fencing establishes the kind of boundaries that you enjoy. If it earns compliments from the folks next door, that’s even better.

Pick Your Privacy

Do you want a backyard retreat that immerses you in total isolation? Would you prefer something that lets you wave at the neighbors without revealing those steaks on the grill? Perhaps you just want a little noise abatement or relief from views of the property behind yours. Privacy fences let you establish personal comfort zones with enclosures that double down as effective wind breaks against New England weather. Their tall construction affords shade in summer too, and climbing vines love growing along a strong fence line.

Secure the View

While privacy fences can serve as fortifications around the property, you don’t have to sacrifice the view for security. Intruders have a hard time scaling an 8-foot solid vinyl or wood dowelled stockade. However, protection is often about keeping family and pets fenced in and away from the street. Ornamental metals and traditional wood pickets perform security duties with style. Consider a combination of materials, designs and heights that effectively protect your home without visually closing it off from neighboring landscapes.

Build Curb Appeal

Modern fencing options blend purpose and style. Why stack rocks when you can finish fence lines with lattice tops or decorative post caps? Plain installations gain solid curb appeal status with shadow box posting, Victorian pickets, or arbor gateways. Go natural with a cedar wood, or coordinate vinyl colors as backdrops to impatiens, pansies and day lilies. Good fences build value around your home and beauty around your personal great outdoors.

With the right planning, you can combine different materials and features to create a property investment that pays off for years. If you’d like more ideas about privacy, security or decorative installations, just contact us here at Hastie Fence Company. Our teams design and build beautiful fencing across New England with quality materials and handcrafted care. We believe that great fences, just like great neighbors, are meant to last a lifetime.