Which Fence is Best for Your Property?

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Choosing the right fencing material to meet your needs

Fencing in your yard is a smart choice if you need extra privacy or a way to keep your pets and kids safe while they’re outdoors. Fences can also be used for decoration and to increase the value of your property. There are several different types of fencing to choose from depending on the purpose the fence will serve.


Aluminum fences are just as attractive as wrought iron but don’t require nearly as much maintenance. Lightweight yet sturdy, this fencing material stands up to variable weather conditions without corroding or rusting. However, the largely ornamental styles don’t offer much in the way of privacy and can be difficult to repair.

Chain Link

If Fido is always running off on his own, an affordable chain link fence is a good way to keep him in. Some of these fences can be built with “privacy slats” to prevent prying eyes from seeing everything that goes on in your yard. Metal chain link fencing requires little maintenance and comes in a variety of colors, but some neighborhoods may have regulations against installing this particular style.


Wood is arguably the most attractive of all fencing options, and can be quite cost effective depending on the rarity of the wood itself. Proper care ensures longevity, but keep in mind that wood requires much more maintenance than other types of fencing. Weathering, rot, cracking and other damage can occur especially in areas that see a lot of harsh outdoor conditions. On the other hand, you can’t do much better for privacy than a solid wood fence, so the maintenance may be worth it if privacy is what you want.


Strong, flexible and versatile, vinyl or PVC fencing is a good choice for just about any application. It costs a little more than wood at the outset but lasts a long time thanks to its ability to resist rotting and rusting. One thing that you do have to keep an eye out for is mold, which may accumulate over time if the fence isn’t kept clean.

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