Simple Secrets for Maintaining Your Fence

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Your fence is designed to last for many years, but as with any other important exterior structure, the elements cause gradual wear and tear. If you neglect to take care of your fence, you’ll end up replacing it a lot sooner than you should. Fortunately, maintaining your fence isn’t difficult. Here are a few basic care and maintenance tips for the most popular types of residential and commercial fencing.

Tips for Metal Fencing

•    Use soapy water, a garden hose and a soft brush for cleaning metal fences and chain link fences.
•    Prevent rust damage on metal fences by applying an epoxy coating or other type of protectant as directed.
•    To repair a broken chain link fence, obtain new tie wires from your local hardware store. Start by stretching the loosened fence back over the posts. Reattach tension bands. Secure the chain link to the top rail and posts using tie wires. Tighten each wire with pliers.
•    Heavy-duty nylon cable ties can make stretching a damaged chain link fence easier.
Tips for Vinyl Fencing
•    Clean your vinyl fence with soapy water every three to six months. Use a brush for tough stains. Rinse using a garden hose.
•    Never paint vinyl fencing, and keep it away from grills and other hot objects.

Tips for Wood Fencing

•    To clean tough dirt and loosen old paint from wooden fences, use a pressure washer. Use only a 25-degree tip to avoid damaging the wood. Be sure to follow pressure washer safety recommendations.
•    Use a weak bleach and water solution to remove mold.
•    Let your fence air dry completely before staining. Apply new stain every three to five years.

When Your Fence Is Beyond the Scope of Maintenance

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