Is Your Old Chain Link Fence Ready for an Upgrade?

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Top Signs that it’s Time for a New Chain Link Fence

When stacked up against many types of fences, chain link fences are extremely durable. Depending on quality of the wire that’s used, a well-built and properly installed chain link fence can last decades. Even if it’s made out of heavy-duty materials, however, even the sturdiest, strongest fence needs to be replaced eventually. Has yours gotten to that point yet?

A few signs that your chain link fence is due to be replaced include:

•    Rust – A chain link fence’s propensity for developing rust largely depends on its coating. Most fences of this kind are coated in zinc. Zinc naturally degrades over time, but the point at which rust becomes an issue depends on the thickness of the coating. Fences that are coated in polyvinyl chloride tend to withstand corrosion much better. If you see large expanses of rust on various sections of your fence, the best option is to just replace it entirely.

•    Missing Links – Pieces of the fences may break away or go missing over time. If you notice several areas where the links have fallen apart, creating large holes, a new fence is in order. This scenario is sometimes caused by wind or by accidents, but it’s also commonly done on purpose. Either way, it makes the fence far less secure, and if the holes are too large, repairs aren’t really feasible.

•    Bent Frame – The frame supporting your chain link fence should be straight, level and true. Over time, animals and people may hop over or even sit on the fence. This can cause the frame to bend, warp or otherwise get damaged. In turn, the fabric, or links, may become twisted and deformed. In other words, the overall structural integrity of the fence becomes compromised, making it necessary to replace it altogether.

•    Worn Protective Coating – Even if rust hasn’t occurred yet, the protective coating on your chain link fence may be wearing away or may have worn away completely. You can have new coating applied, but after weighing the cost of doing that versus replacing the fence you’re sure to find that replacing it makes the most sense.

Replace that Old Chain Link Fence Today

If you’ve taken a good, hard look at your old chain link fence and have decided to replace it, make sure to buy the new fence from a reputable company. While it’s possible to install such a fence yourself, it’s better to leave it to the experts for optimal structural integrity, style and quality. If you’re in New England and need a new chain link fence, Hastie Fence is the name to trust. Visit our website or give us a call today to learn more.