Everything You Didn’t Know About Vinyl Privacy Fences

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A Quick and Easy Way to Install Privacy Fences Around Your Property

Privacy fences keep kids and pets from wandering out of the yard, prevent wild animals from coming in and deter potential thieves. While there are many fence options available, vinyl fencing is often the easiest, most cost-effective choice.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl is a durable material with as much as five times the strength of wood. Its flexibility reduces the risk of damage from impact due to severe weather or accidental collisions. The smooth surface has no splinters, nails or screws sticking out that may cause injury. Vinyl fencing is made to last a long time without fading or yellowing, so you can choose any one of the wide variety of styles and colors available and still be enjoying a “like new” look for years to come.

Installation: Vinyl vs. Wood

A great advantage of vinyl fencing is the easy installation process. After determining where you want your fence to go, it can be installed in just a few steps:

• Mark locations for fence posts.
• Ensure that the posts will be even and the fence level.
• Dig post holes, install the posts and stabilize them.
• Place the fence panels and snap them together with the bottom and top rails.
• Install the gate.
• Place and secure decorative post tops.

Installing a wood fence takes much longer since you have to nail or screw many individual pieces together. Some wood fences don’t come with per-assembled panels and have to practically be built from the ground up.

Maintaining Your Privacy Fence

Although the initial investment in vinyl fencing may be more than that for wood, vinyl requires much less maintenance over time. Unlike wood, vinyl fences don’t need to be sanded, sealed, stained or painted. Some vinyl fencing may be prone to mildew, but this can be removed easily with standard household cleaners. As long as you steer clear of your new fence with the lawn mower and weed whacker, point the garden sprinkler away from the fence panels and clean the surface now and then, your fence should remain strong for many years.

At Hastie Fence, it’s easy to find a vinyl privacy fence style that suits your home. Whether you’re looking for a sleek contemporary design or a classic picket fence, you can count on Hastie Fence to provide high-quality materials and professional installation. To learn more about the benefits of vinyl visit one of our convenient New England locations to see our fence offerings in person. We can help you choose a fence that enhances your property and provides the privacy you’ve been looking for.