The Easy Way to Create a Rustic Look with Fencing

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How to Pair Striking Wood Fences and Landscape Features
Picturesque mountains, sweeping beaches and vivid forests are some of New England’s most distinctive physical features. Regardless of where in the region you live, homeowners can improve the outer appearance of their properties by incorporating the natural environment into home design. Your fence is a great place to incorporate decorative details and landscape features to create a beautiful rustic look.

Choosing the Right Fencing Style for Your Rustic Design

Place is at the heart of rustic design. Before choosing a fence or other property feature, evaluate the spirit of your home. After all, Georgian estates call for different fencing than Gothic Revival or Queen Anne homes. If you don’t already know it, identify the architectural style of your home so that you can make decor decisions that will add to its beauty and value.

Fencing provides a great way to frame your home, and wood fences are suited to a variety of rustic themes. They can be used to create a simulated log fence that evokes a deep-woods hunter’s cabin. Pair them with stone pillars, and they’re reminiscent of the rolling fields of yesteryear. Of course, one of the most traditional uses of wood fencing is in horse fields and pastures. There’s just something visually striking about a beautiful horse behind an immaculate wood fence.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate decor with your fence too. Tin signs and wrought-iron decorations are favorites for rustic themes. Of course, you should ask your fencing contractor how to attach decorations to your fencing. You can also place larger decorative items in a manicured bed in front of the fence. Remember not to lean heavy items against fences or gates.

Incorporating Fencing with New England Landscape Features

It’s essential to keep the natural landscape in mind when choosing new fencing for a rustic theme. Make sure that the fencing you choose:


  • provides adequate security from animals and passersby
  • has a finish or wash that complements your home
  • can be matched with suitable arbors or gates
  • is compatible with plants, vines or flowers in your area
  • is tall enough to provide privacy from your neighbors
  • can withstand weather conditions in your region

Remember that you may need to choose different types of fencing for different areas of your property. This is especially true for those whose homes are located on significant acreage.

Hastie Fence Co. is proud to offer a full range of wood fencing styles to create looks ranging from the rustic to the contemporary. Visit us today so we can help you meld your home’s natural landscape with a modern privacy fence.