Security vs. Style: Prioritizing Your Fencing Needs

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What’s the reason behind your new fence?

Some fences mainly serve to secure homes or businesses. For instance, tall chain-link fencing provides a tough yet affordable option. Other barriers look more attractive; cedar fences enhance privacy and come in a range of appealing styles. Before you make a choice, think about your neighborhood, belongings and priorities.


Consider installing a security fence if you live in a busy or high-crime area. This fencing will discourage all but the most determined criminals from invading a property. It also proves desirable if graffiti poses a major problem on your street. A chain-link fence doesn’t provide an appealing surface for these drawings.


Do you store desirable items outdoors? If so, security fencing probably offers the best solution. Grills, ladders, motorcycles, high-end bicycles and patio furniture may attract thieves. Businesses often safeguard outdoor merchandise by installing chain-link fences. For example, a store can use this method to protect its garden center from criminals.

Big Dogs

Think about buying a security fence if you own a large, energetic dog. Angie’s List warns that canines may damage wooden fencing by gnawing on it. Wood splinters can injure them as well. On the other hand, dogs don’t like to chew on metal. Remember to order an especially tall fence to prevent the animal from escaping.

Stylish Boundary

If you don’t have a dog and you’re not particularly worried about crime, select a decorative fence. It will mark your property lines, protect you from personal injury lawsuits and keep casual thieves at bay. You’ll benefit from greater privacy as well.

Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home fairly soon, an ornamental fence would increase its value more than security fencing. This upgrade may also help you attract a buyer somewhat faster. A barrier will only raise the value of your property if it matches the home’s style, according to Realty Times.

Already Secure

If you’ve already invested in plenty of other security equipment, be sure to prioritize style. You can rely on a sophisticated alarm system, surveillance cameras, bright outdoor lights and deadbolt locks to shield your building from criminals.


Don’t forget to learn about any fencing rules that the local government enforces. These laws might forbid certain styles or limit your fence’s height; a replica of China’s Great Wall may be out of the question. Zoning officials can provide further details. Some homeowners’ associations also restrict fencing options.

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