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Unwanted Visitors: Even a Simple Fence Can Help Enforce Desired Privacy

It’s simple to understand how a tall chain-link fence keeps intruders out. However, you can often repel unwanted visitors by installing basic wooden fencing with a gate. It proves beneficial if you don’t want salespeople or local politicians to knock on your door. The fence may also keep burglars and graffiti enthusiasts at bay.


A barrier doesn’t only create a physical obstacle. It clearly defines the boundary between public and private property. When you have a fence, people are more likely to respect your privacy. They can’t easily find excuses to stray a few feet into your lawn or garden. A sturdy barrier also prevents impulsive crimes.


If you don’t install fencing, neighbors may mistakenly remove or trim plants on your property. Pedestrians might walk across your land to take a shortcut. A homeowner in West Harwich, Mass. recently called the police because a neighbor’s young daughter repeatedly crossed her property to reach a bus stop. A fence would’ve hastily prevented this dispute.


The above-mentioned homeowner was worried that she might face legal action if the girl were to hurt herself. When people inadvertently enter your yard, they can sustain injuries in several different ways. For instance, someone may fall into a swimming pool or suffer dog bites. A court could hold you responsible for the medical bills.

Fortunately, a basic fence can protect you from lawsuits. This is particularly important if you have outdoor belongings that appeal to kids. Examples include trampolines, pools, pets and livestock. Although it may seem unfair to be held responsible for trespassers’ injuries, such laws are designed to protect young children who don’t comprehend the consequences of their actions, and having a fence often proves to litigators that you were acting responsibly ahead of time.


If a person decides to walk across your lawn, this behavior probably won’t draw any attention. On the other hand, people will notice when an intruder climbs over a fence or locked gate. The authorities also take this type of property invasion far more seriously. Police usually respond when they receive a call about someone scaling a fence.

A court normally can’t penalize someone for trespassing if he or she does it by accident. To commit this crime, a person must clearly understand that the property owner doesn’t allow people to enter a certain area. Fences offer the most reliable way to warn unwanted visitors that your land is off-limits to them. They’ll probably go elsewhere rather than risk paying a substantial fine.

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