When Security is Your Concern, Trust Hastie Fence

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Protect Your Home, Family, Belongings, & Privacy

Fencing provides a simple, effective way to enhance safety and security. It deters thieves, scam operators and other criminals from trespassing. A fence also keeps your kids or pets in a safe area. Strangers, stray dogs and wild animals won’t easily be able to approach them. However, you can only gain such benefits if you carefully select the right kind of fencing for this purpose.


Criminals may effortlessly climb over a short barrier. Dogs, cats and deer can jump rather long distances. Consequently, a tall fence is crucial; HouseLogic recommends a minimum height of six feet. Intruders won’t want to scale a fence with pointed slats or metal stakes. The surface texture also holds importance. People find it difficult to climb smooth materials that don’t provide any foot or hand grips.


A tall barrier won’t secure your property if someone can easily break through it. Durable materials and proper construction are vital. One sturdy yet affordable option is a chain-link fence. It needs little maintenance and doesn’t create unwanted shade or completely block scenic views. If you don’t like how the metal looks, you can request a coating that gives the fence one of many attractive colors.

Other metal fences are also comparatively rugged. Ornamental aluminum fencing doesn’t rust and seldom requires maintenance. You won’t need to worry about termite infestations or rotten panels. It resembles traditional wrought-iron fencing but weighs less. You can choose between ornate and relatively simple designs. This classic fence style enhances the appearance of lawn, garden and swimming areas.


A concealed home often benefits from greater security. Criminals can’t see valuables, and they don’t know what to expect if they manage to surmount a fence. When you want to maximize privacy, consider buying solid vinyl or wooden fencing. These options provide greater concealment than traditional picket or chain-link fences. Vinyl needs significantly less maintenance than wood, but it may not last as long as metal.


One way to restrict entry is to build a fence around an area that people can only access by using your home’s back door. Homeowners frequently use this technique when they secure swimming pools. If you need to protect a yard or driveway, think about purchasing a sturdy security gate that features a heavy-duty lock. Installers usually offer to provide matching gates with ornamental aluminum fences.

Hastie Fence Company installs a variety of wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain-link fencing. We’ve been selling residential and commercial products in New England for more than three and a half decades. Well-made fences and expert installation ensure maximum security. Our staff can measure your property and consult with you about fencing designs for free. Please contact Hastie Fence Company today.