What Type of Fence Does My House Need?

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Choosing a Fence to Protect Your Home and Family

The right fence can improve your home’s curb appeal while increasing your privacy and making your yard more enjoyable. With the variety of decorative and practical fencing options available today, it isn’t easy to pick one. Wood, vinyl and metal are the most popular materials, but there are a lot of other factors to consider.

Considerations for Choosing a Fence

• Ask yourself which type of fence would work best with the style of your home and your neighborhood. Picket fences are great for cottages but they might not be appropriate for a modern house. Look at homes in the area to see which designs you like and what’s popular.

• Think about maintenance. Wood was the most popular fence material for decades, but vinyl is now preferred because it’s easy to maintain and available in the same styles. Although wood is attractive, it requires more maintenance than vinyl or metal.

• Why are you installing a fence? Consider the desired purpose and the best way to achieve your goals. If you have small pets, you will need a fence that doesn’t have large openings. For large dogs, you’ll need a taller fence. To increase privacy, the pickets or boards need to be close together. Privacy fences are useful in backyards and around swimming pools. They can also prevent pets from barking.

• Privacy fences are usually 6 feet tall. This is an effective height for aluminum fences too. Picket fences are usually less than 4 feet tall. Many homeowners associations limit the fence height and materials, so make sure that the proposed design complies with the requirements.

Styles and Materials

• Vinyl is one of the most versatile fence materials. It’s suitable for decorative pickets and tall privacy fences.

• Wooden privacy fences are made from panels that contain numerous boards. Depending on the desired appearance, the top of the fence can be capped with ornamental trim or lattice. The ends of the boards can also be shaped.

• Split rail and ranch fences are useful for defining property boundaries. When PVC-coated mesh is added, a split rail fence can contain pets too.

• Picket fences made from wood, vinyl or aluminum are ideal for cottages and gardens where privacy and pet containment aren’t important. These fences have a charming appearance and are suitable for modern and historic homes.

Decorative aluminum fences are elegant and offer a good return on investment. They can give a home a stately appearance.

• Unadorned metal fences are suitable for a variety of residential applications where privacy is unimportant. The style can range from traditional to contemporary.

Chain link fencing is practical and secure. It’s a smart choice for pet containment and swimming pool security.

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